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Relief from Pain Advent Calendar Winter 2019


Want to support our cause? Donations will help us fund a healing centre, provide free healing sessions and develop the research necessary to scientifically prove the effectiveness of Energy Healing.

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Are you suffering with physical pain, emotional turmoil or mental distress? You deserve a life free from misery. Our trained Healers are here to support you on your journey of holistic health.

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Do you feel called to practice your amazing healing gifts? Are you passionate about our mission? We would love to hear how you would like to volunteer your time and energy for our cause!

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Drugs Aren’t Always the Answer to Pain Relief *


Healing Facts

Did you know that...

  • One in seven people suffers from chronic pain?
  • Over £500 Million is spent on over-the-counter painkillers each year?
  • 10 Million people in the UK alone suffer from daily pain?
  • 40% of people feel like their pain isn’t adequately managed?

We have a way to reduce those numbers.

* We strongly recommend you always seek medical advice or contact your doctor when symptoms persist.

"Healing is not a magic wand that can make all well. It is a process that involves your commitment and although the healer will seek to work with you, healing cannot be imposed by the healer. A willingness to change is the fundamental requirement in the healing process. No guarantee can or will be made about the outcome of healing."

Excerpt from College of Psychic Studies - What is Spiritual Healing?

Energy Healing Brings Real Results *


Like electricity, our energy flow can be scientifically measured. But long before clinical studies, cultures throughout time used Energy Healing alleviate pain and illness.

Today, it remains a helpful therapy for a wide range of conditions. Using the process of revitalisation, relaxation and release, your body begins to adjust and heal at its own pace and in its own way – sometimes with remarkable outcomes.

No one deserves to live a life of misery. We believe everyone should have access to the tried-and-true benefits of an Energy Healing treatment.

* We strongly recommend you always seek medical advice or contact your doctor when symptoms persist.


Energy Healing works

Energy Healers Are Pain Relievers *


Relief from Pain in Harmony

We Support Your Recovery - Healing reconnects you peace and tranquility. As you become free from physical pain and emotional turmoil, your mind can find overwhelming happiness.

We Further Scientific Research - It’s one thing to feel the effects of healing, it’s another thing to prove them. We’re uncovering quantitative data to support our qualitative experiences.

We will help relieve your pain.

* We strongly recommend you always seek medical advice or contact your doctor when symptoms persist.

Healing Quote

And this is what our clients say...


“I had several sessions with Ann and I could feel the benefits with every single one. She has helped alleviate my pain, both physically and emotionally, leaving me feeling much more balanced and ready to enjoy life.” *

Joana - Reading, Berkshire
Healing client, teacher

* This testimonial is one person's experience. This does not guarantee that others will benefit equally 

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“Simplex Core allowed me to launch my site in under a week in the HubSpot COS and it looks awesome. This is an H6 Header, Italic.”

Chris Johnson - Paragraph Text Bold.
Partner, Johnson Consulting.

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Interview with Ann Boone - Founder of Relief from Pain Charity

Enjoy the interview with Divine Life Yogini Joanne and Ann Boone, our founder, on Healing, the benefits of CAM and Healing on your health and how she heals others. We also elaborate further on having centres, places dedicated to health and wellbeing. Here is an exclusive preview of the interview.

Healing Awareness Week 2018

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