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What Does Energy Healing Feel Like?

Ann Boone

Many people who have never before tried any kind of energy healing therapy often wonder what a session entails. There can be some apprehension around trying this alternative therapy, especially when it may be unknown what energy healing feels like. For those who have never tried it before and are curious about the sensations that surround energy healing, we can take a look at what they may be able to expect.

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Topics: Reiki, CAM, Energy Healing

What Patient Empowerment Means For CAM

Ann Boone

There is plenty of discussion these days about patient empowerment. Medical patients suffering from an array of diseases and ailments now have more information than ever about their conditions and potential treatments. But what does that really mean, and especially what does it mean for complimentary and alternative medicine?

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Topics: CAM, Healing and Palliative Care, Patient Empowerment

"I think the biggest challenge is that Reiki is invisible" - The Pain Relievers Interview Series: Alice Langholt

Ann Boone

Reiki healing is a major and important form of energy healing practice, and we recently spoke to a major contributor to the field from the United States, Alice Langholt, Director of the Reiki Awakening Academy School of Intuitive Development, creator of Practical Reiki, and author of several books on Reiki healing and mindfulness. She discussed her efforts, and some of the great opportunities and challenges that Reiki healing may face while integrating with the medical community.

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Topics: Healing, Interviews, Reiki, CAM

Balancing Yourself as an Energy Healer

Ann Boone

As a healer, we can often focus our energies on improving the balance of those around us and invest much of ourselves in the energies of others. When we do this, we can neglect or deplete our own needs - but taking care of ourselves is truly how we can help other people the best. I find that when I am unbalanced myself, I cannot practice healing as effectively as I can when I am ensuring that each part of me is healthy and well.

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Topics: Healers, CAM, Energy Healing

Can we Actually Use Technology in Healing Practices?

Ann Boone

While it can be said that today's bombardment of technology and mobile devices often lead to energy imbalance, there's an interesting question of whether we can actually use devices to help in healing. When we are feeling stressed or under emotional turmoil, we are not always in the right place or have the time to undergo extensive healing therapy. A personal, mobile healing option may be the solution we need when we're in a fix.

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Topics: Benefits of Healing, Sound Healing, CAM

Colour Therapy as CAM Therapy

Ann Boone

We live in a colourful world, and we're often surrounded by a vast range of vibrant hues. But did you know that our bodies respond differently to variations in colour?

We're all drawn to certain colours, and colour can significantly impact our mood, emotions, and physical health. Using colour deliberately can have powerful effects on our energies in our bodies, and can even be used as a healing therapy in complementary and alternative medicine.

When you think about the amount of influence that colour has, and start to understand how to harness the power of colour to improve your energy and wellbeing, you may find it to be a great tool in your healing repertoire.

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Topics: Healing, Benefits of Healing, CAM, Colour Therapy

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