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How to Transform Grief and Loss into Happiness and Love?

Ann Boone

Last night we watched ‘Collateral Beauty’: blue skies, sunshine in springtime. That is my collateral beauty and still moves me to tears. Why?

When you get the news….

The wheels of the world screech very very loudly in your mind and then grind to a halt. Then there is a deafening silence that pulsates with high pitch in your ears. Your eyesight goes slightly blurred and breathing is difficult or maybe it has stopped all together, mouth is too dry to taste the air right now. Slow motion of distorted sounds. Deafening screeching silence….

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Topics: Healing, Relationship, End of Life

Thinking About Death and Healing During the Autumn Season

Ann Boone

The autumn season is a time that signals the nearing of the end of the year - the harvest period that means an end to the growing season, and for many, a time that causes us reflect on our lives, and to even think about death. Halloween in particular may poke fun at the tragedy of dying, but if we actually think about what autumn represents in so many different ways, we can see that this time period is one of meditation, celebration of life, and in fact, an honouring of death.

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Topics: Benefits of Healing, End of Life

How Using Healing with Palliative Care Make End of Life Easier

Ann Boone

Thinking about death and end of life is typically a difficult thing. When one of our loved ones is suffering, illness has taken over, or a long and full life is nearing its end, the many emotions that are felt can be overwhelming. Grief, anger, fear, and pain, can make the difficult challenges we face in life all that more difficult. But healing can actually make it a bit easier and more comfortable, for both those who are passing, and the cherished family and friends they leave behind.

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Topics: Healing and Palliative Care, End of Life

Destination: Relief from pain

Healing has a wide range of topics. In our articles we illuminate different aspects and provide some hints in order to help you in your approach. 

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