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The Healing Power of Touch

Ann Boone

When we discuss the benefits of healing practices, it's also important to consider the restoring properties of touch and human contact. When a healer uses different touch and hand hovering techniques, their skills make an impact on your balance and energy, but the simple act of closeness, and human to human interaction has many benefits as well.

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Topics: Energy Healing, Reiki, Benefits of Healing

What Are the Actual Benefits of Healing?

Ann Boone

We often discuss how healing is an integral part of holistic health and wellbeing, just as diet and exercise. In being truly healthy and balanced, it's important to approach it from all angles - mind, body, and spirit. But you may not know that there are some immediate benefits of healing practices, and also long term ones through sustained and repeated healing sessions.

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Topics: Energy Healing, Pain Relief, Well-Being

Balancing Yourself as an Energy Healer

Ann Boone

As a healer, we can often focus our energies on improving the balance of those around us and invest much of ourselves in the energies of others. When we do this, we can neglect or deplete our own needs - but taking care of ourselves is truly how we can help other people the best. I find that when I am unbalanced myself, I cannot practice healing as effectively as I can when I am ensuring that each part of me is healthy and well.

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Energy Healing Works - Where to Find an Energy Healer

Ann Boone

For those of you who are aware of energy healing and its benefits, you may have heard of or follow prominent healers who are known for their practices worldwide. Learning about healing from some of the most renowned of healers can give us insight into what is possible and how healing can work for chronic pain sufferers, trauma survivors and those struggling with other kinds of energy imbalance.

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Relief From Pain Announces a New Healing Centre in Maidenhead

Mémé Watanabe

Relief from Pain Healing Sessions in MaidenheadA new Healing Centre is opening in Maidenhead, with weekly healing sessions and group activities available to the surrounding community. The Relief from Pain organisation, which was founded in 2011 in Maidenhead, has been leading the charge for alternative health practices in the area. "We are so pleased to expand our reach for providing all those in need with holistic healing," says Relief from Pain founder Ann Boone, " the Centre will be a place of education, understanding, and service to our community."

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How to Unblock Chakras and Free Yourself

Ann Boone

As you know, I’m a big proponent of using a spiritual healer or trained Reiki master. It’s something I do for others, and I feel very passionate about the practice. However, there are times when you can perform your own healing without the assistance of these wise healers. Knowing how to unblock chakras is invaluable for anyone along this journey.

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Healing has a wide range of topics. In our articles we illuminate different aspects and provide some hints in order to help you in your approach. 

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