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A Plant-Based Approach to Life: Vegan Food and Healing

Ann Boone

It’s time to trade in your knife for a fork or spoon. It’s time to showcase that eating for life should take life away from something else. How does the saying go… “Take a bite out of life”? That phrase holds more and more weight as we take a deeper and darker look at what we truly bite into for our daily lives and why things need to change. It’s time to step away from the meat.

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Did You Hear About The Healing Garden Festival?

Ann Boone

Relief from Pain charity’s first Healing Garden Festival took place on Saturday 13th October at The Maidenhead Healing Centre.  We had an exceptionally warm and unusual sunny October day to welcome in healers and participants, some from as far as Manchester!

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Topics: Benefits of Healing, Event, Energy Healing

Mental Health: Relief from Pain at Women Work 2018

Ann Boone

Relief from Pain will be attending Women Work 2018. This amazing event will take place on Friday April 20th, 2018 in Salomons Estate, Tunbridge Wells, TN3 0TG.

What inspires us to attend? There will be more than 50 speakers, across 70 talks and workshops. The event will have a huge focus on women at home, in the workplace, in business.

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Relief from Pain at HIMSS 2018 in Las Vegas

Ann Boone

"Las Vegas," which is Spanish for "Open Planes," is tucked away in Nevada’s Mojave Desert and surrounded by several mountain ranges. The shivering aridity in the air is painfully beautiful against the blue sky. Las Vegas is also a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centred around 24-hour casinos, bars, themed hotels and other non-stop entertainment options, which can overload your senses. I realised then, why there was so much opposition for holding the  HIMSS18  (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference 2018) conference there in Las Vegas.

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Relief From Pain Announces a New Healing Centre in Maidenhead

Mémé Watanabe

Relief from Pain Healing Sessions in MaidenheadA new Healing Centre is opening in Maidenhead, with weekly healing sessions and group activities available to the surrounding community. The Relief from Pain organisation, which was founded in 2011 in Maidenhead, has been leading the charge for alternative health practices in the area. "We are so pleased to expand our reach for providing all those in need with holistic healing," says Relief from Pain founder Ann Boone, " the Centre will be a place of education, understanding, and service to our community."

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How Healers Heal: Paul McDonald and Organic Healing [Guest Post]

Guest Author

Do you regularly suffer with Depression, Anger, Guilt, Hate, Fear, Anxiety, or Stress? Are you looking for a solution?

If the answer is YES, then this is for you: Conscious Spa Camps. My good friend Paul, volunteer healer and fundraiser for Relief from Pain created this Conscious Spa Camps Community to help individuals, and groups of adults and children getting in touch with their deeper consciousness.

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How Healers Heal: Lucille Henry and Diamond Healing [Guest Post]

Guest Author

Lucille Henry and Diamond Healing

Do you want loving relationships?
Do you want to deepen your spirituality?
Are you ready? Ready to breakthrough the emotional barriers that limit your potential?
Are you ready to say YES!

Then please join my good friends Lucille and David at their international workshop in London: ‘Freedom to be Yourself'. Lucille Henry is a healer with exceptional transformational skills when dealing with emotions. Her academic and professional work experience in the field of Bio-Chemistry has proven invaluable to Relief from Pain charity. It is rare to meet someone who understands both the energy world as well as the scientific and industrial domain of medical research. It is a real pleasure to receive guidance and advise.

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How Healers Heal: Gabriel Dayan and The Transformation Technique® [Guest Post]

Guest Author

Gabriel Dayan and The Transformation Technique®

Have you ever had the feeling there was a better way to handle life's challenges than to struggle with painful emotions? What if it was not necessary to feel that inner pain to heal the after effects of unpleasant past events? What if the healing did not have to be a long slow process involving multiple lengthy sessions with a therapist to slowly get deeper and deeper, issue by issue, before ever arriving at the core?

What if it were possible to cut to the chase in just one session - effortlessly and painlessly?

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Healing at Inner Fire Event in London

Ann Boone

Paul MacDonald and Ann Boone are sharing their INNER FIRE and Powerful Healing in London.

Book YOUR TICKETS TODAY and join us Friday December 9th in London at the Vaudeville, 1-3 Trebovir Rd, Kensington, London SW5 9LS.

From 6pm onwards, you will meet the wonderful speakers: Lucinda Drayton, William Bloom and Performing Artists: Otty Music, Lucinda Drayton, Pulaa, Ina Reni.

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