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Keeping Thanksgiving Alive

Ann Boone

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, celebrated by Americans and Canadians in the autumn, and now adopted by many across the world looking to use the time to celebrate family, friends, and gratitude. While being thankful is something that we should strive to practice all the time, setting aside a special day to reflect and celebrate all we have to be grateful for can be a restorative and fulfilling activity.

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Topics: Charity Donation, Volunteer Helpers, Gratitude

10 Steps to Happiness [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ann Boone

 When you understand the power of Happiness, you'll have a transformative tool for Life. We show 10 steps to Happiness in this infographic. Not surprisingly it starts with Gratitude... Please download it, save it, print it and hang it in a place where you can often see it.  It will guide you to a fulfilled life of Joy.

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Topics: Gratitude, joy

5 Ways To Get Started With Gratitude

Ann Boone

Appreciate what you have today.

When you’re in the middle of projects and meetings, it’s easy to become narrow-focused, concentrating on immediate to-do items and appointments. But spending just a few minutes on gratitude every day can give you a greater perspective on life, make you feel better, elevate your mood, and make every day meaningful and significant.

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Topics: Charity Donation, Gratitude

Destination: Relief from pain

Healing has a wide range of topics. In our articles we illuminate different aspects and provide some hints in order to help you in your approach. 

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