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Healing for Children with Special Needs

Ann Boone

Parents, family members, caretakers and educators all know the joys and difficulties of raising children with special needs. While child rearing is challenging in and of itself, those raising children born with conditions such as autism must overcome unique challenges they most likely have never faced before. In the instance of special needs, it can be difficult for parents to communicate with their child, or find ways to make their child feel safe, connected and happy. Using healing therapies on children with special needs may actually increase the ability for parents to calm and soothe their children, communicate with them, and use energy to connect on a deeper level.

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Energy Healing for Children - This is what happens on the plane

Ann Boone

How Healing can help crying babies on airplanes: 
It was early in the morning when the taxi collected us to go to Heathrow airport. We were flying to Pisa to join a team of experts on holistic health and wellbeing in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, the conference New Paradigm on Holistic Health and wellbeing. Nice to sit in the British Airways Club Class, it would be a treat paid by airmiles we had been collecting.

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