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Relief from Pain at HIMSS 2018 in Las Vegas

Ann Boone

"Las Vegas," which is Spanish for "Open Planes," is tucked away in Nevada’s Mojave Desert and surrounded by several mountain ranges. The shivering aridity in the air is painfully beautiful against the blue sky. Las Vegas is also a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centred around 24-hour casinos, bars, themed hotels and other non-stop entertainment options, which can overload your senses. I realised then, why there was so much opposition for holding the  HIMSS18  (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference 2018) conference there in Las Vegas.

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Topics: Event, Healthcare System

HIMSS18: Healthcare Meets Technology

Ann Boone

From 5th to 9th March Relief from Pain will be attending the HIMSS18  “Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference 2018” in Las Vegas which brings together over 45,000 professionals for “education, innovation and collaboration to help uncover the promise of health information and technology".

Why is Relief from Pain charity attending such a leading event where healthcare meets technology?

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Topics: Healing, Healthcare System, Medical Research

Destination: Relief from pain

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