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A Plant-Based Approach to Life: Vegan Food and Healing

Ann Boone

It’s time to trade in your knife for a fork or spoon. It’s time to showcase that eating for life should take life away from something else. How does the saying go… “Take a bite out of life”? That phrase holds more and more weight as we take a deeper and darker look at what we truly bite into for our daily lives and why things need to change. It’s time to step away from the meat.

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Empowering Your Health – What Powers Your Life?

Mémé Watanabe

Work, sports, hobbies, helping people, going out, family or friends? Whatever it is, there’s also a biochemical factor that helps to fuel your life? Whether mental of physical fuel it can start from food.

If we think about the complexities of the body and its interaction with all the different types of nutrients that exist, it becomes too complicated so let’s make it simple: Carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

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Topics: Healing, Nutrition, Well-Being

Empowering Your Health – Taking the First Step

Mémé Watanabe

With the rise of many diseases such as diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases, healthcare has reached saturation point where hospitals and those in the medical field are no longer able to cope with the workload (1).  GP clinics are filled with leaflets and videos encouraging us to take some responsibility for our health to prevent disease and the media is constantly giving news on health but with so much information, it can be difficult to know how to start.  By understanding how our body works, we can have a better idea what we can do.  Here we share some ideas to help you start your journey to empower your health. This is the first of three short articles on diet, lifestyle and health

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Topics: Healing, Nutrition, Well-Being

Destination: Relief from pain

Healing has a wide range of topics. In our articles we illuminate different aspects and provide some hints in order to help you in your approach. 

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