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3 Strategies for Building Holistic Relationships

Ann Boone

Imagine a life where all your relationships felt fulfilling - romantic or otherwise. The connections with your spouse, children, parents, friends and acquaintances left you feeling joyful. Moreover, you wouldn’t feel the need to change anything about any of them.

What if I told you this was not only possible, but completely within your power?

Well, it is. And it starts with approaching relationships from a combination of our Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Intuitive selves.

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7 Strategies for Cleaning Mind, Body & Soul

Ann Boone

The spring and summer months are a great time of the year to clean our homes of the dust and dreariness that has accumulated over the winter. This freshness brings new life into the home and makes everything feel better.

But don’t let this practice stop with your house.

You can also use these warm months of the year to do some cleaning in your mind, body and soul. Many suffer with winter depression, which can make things like this even more important. But even if you don’t struggle in the winter months, taking time to check-in with your health is a smart habit to start.

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Healing has a wide range of topics. In our articles we illuminate different aspects and provide some hints in order to help you in your approach. 

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