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Donate Now for a free healing session

£5 Could help someone in pain to reach our free healing sessions


Donate now for residential therapy centres

£20 Could help a healer to reach a person in pain for a free 90 min session 


Donate for medical research

£45 Could pay CAM treatments for a patient in hospital for our research project


With your help we will be able to provide Healing to those who need it.This year we are conducting research to establish Healing as a recognized complementary therapy for conventional medicine. 

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Thank you for your donation: we are very grateful and will add you to our Distant Healing List
to send you healing energy for your health, wealth & abundance.



Our Guarantee

As a charity, we believe you need to know that we're using our resources effectively.
We honour your giving: all donations will be solely used for the purposes stated in our charity status.
We strive to keep all administration expenses as low as possible