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Energy Healing

Energy Healing can help you to recover....

Energy Healing Benefits

Table of contents

  1. What is energy healing?
  2. What does energy healing do?
  3. Is energy healing safe?
  4. Is energy healing like reiki?
  5. What does energy healing feel like?
  6. Can energy healing help depression?
  7. Can energy healing help anxiety?
  8. What is energy healing good for?
  9. Can energy healing be taught?
  10. Is energy healing good?
  11. Is there a healer near me?

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is something that many have likely heard of but may be unaware of what it is or where it comes from. Because energy healing is something that cannot be seen but can be felt, it is often seen as mysterious or unclear, but in actuality, it is something that is incredibly powerful and beneficial to many people.

Energy healing is considered a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and is used for a number of purposes. In general, it is the use and channeling of energy by a healer to a client in order to bring balance, relaxation, healing, and restoration to the mind, body and soul. When utilized by a skilled practitioner, it can be a great alternative or complement to traditional medicine, especially in the case of chronic pain and suffering.

There are different types of energy healing, with the most common being Reiki, which is a balancing of the various energy chakras of the body. Energy healing is many thousands of years old, with ancient cultures documenting the concepts of Reiki (Japanese), chakras (Hindu) and meridians in the body (Chinese). 

Energy healing has been used throughout the ages by different cultures and religions. Traditional Chinese Medicine dates over 4,500 years where practitioners use the energy meridians of the body as the basis of acupuncture and acupressure treatment. The Ayurvedic System is an ancient healing system from India where treatments are used to balance the way the body processes vital energies.  Healing with magnets were used by the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks and was later used by Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815). 

Sound therapy is a well-recognized healing technique using frequencies or vibrations of sound for healing. Healing with touch or using hands has been used in different types of healing such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing and many more. For millennia, we have been learning how to harness the vibrations of energy to make us feel happier and healthier in our wellbeing.

What does energy healing do?

Just as you would take care of your diet or exercise for physical health, and practice self-care for mental health, using energy healing as part of a holistic approach is a great way to ensure the stability and positivity of your overall health.

The body has many energies in and around it, and at times these energies can become blocked, or imbalanced. Energy healing seeks to remedy these issues, particularly when there are blocks or imbalance due to injury or emotional distress that can lead to further illness. An energy healer will channel energy through themselves and their hands, to affect the energies of their client.

There are many benefits of energy healing, from relaxation and stress relief, to improving mood and positivity, to reducing suffering from chronic pain. The effects and benefits can vary depending on the individual and the length and frequency of treatment, but it is possible to feel the positive results after one session.

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Is energy healing safe?

Energy healing is totally safe, and it has no adverse or negative side effects. Additionally, it does not interfere with other treatments or regular western medicine, which is why it makes for such a good compliment when seeking relief from chronic pain and discomfort.

Many who suffer chronically enjoy the benefits of energy healing as it may allow them to reduce dependency on chemicals and/or pain medicines. With medications, the body can build up a tolerance, meaning there becomes a need to take more in order to have the same effect. This does not happen with energy healing, and more over time is not required to have the same benefits, though prolonged and frequent use typically has the best effects.

Some question if energy healing is actually a type of placebo effect, but this is not the case. The placebo effect is psychological, while energy healing can produce quite a physical response. While placebo treatments may work for some people, energy healing is for those who would like a proven result with effects that are truly felt.

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Is energy healing like reiki?

Energy Healing is the term used for the overall description of the practice. Reiki is a method for delivering energy healing. Some may consider Reiki a type of energy healing, though in hospitals the word Reiki is a preferred term over the more general "energy healing." 

It is possible to receive other types of energy healing, or affect energies around you in different ways, though Reiki is likely one of the most well known and widely used energy healing practices. Some choose to use Reiki healing in combination with other types of healing or alternative medicine, though most can fit under the umbrella of what is energy healing.

Modern Reiki as we know it today was developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui, who then went on to teach his practices to thousands of people in his lifetime. It was learned in Hawaii in the 1940’s, then spread to the continental United States, and finally came to Europe later in the 20th Century.

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What does energy healing feel like?

Energy healing can be a very individual experience, and so the sensation may be described differently for each client. But in general, most clients feel extremely relaxed after an energy healing session.

In some cases, clients may feel absolutely nothing, and some others feel heat or a warming sensation. For others, there can be a tingling or vibration, or other sensory experiences. The truth is It’s different for everybody, and even every session is unique. But most commonly clients feel relaxation and may enter a sleep-like state.

After a healing therapy session, clients may feel recharged, positive, lighter, or more at peace. It can take several sessions to get the full effect of energy healing, but in general, clients can expect a pleasant experience.

The most important thing to know is that the energy healing experience will never be unpleasant. It will never harm or but hurtful, so new clients should never fear that it won't be a positive experience for them.

Can energy healing help depression?

The wonderful thing about energy healing is that it not only supports physical pain, but it can work well for mental health. This is because after a healing session many clients report feeling mental clarity.

For some, depression is an imbalance in the brain, or it may be a result of external factors and feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. Energy healing rebalances the Aura and Chakras which can lead to more positive feelings and changes within the mental and emotional state.

When discussing overall wellbeing and a holistic approach to health, there are many things that can be done to combat or curb the effects of depression, such as exercise and avoiding destructive behaviors. Energy healing can help to soothe the mind and emotions, as well as the overall negative energy that can take hold of those suffering from depression. Because of this, those who do battle depression may find some relief, or be equipped with better coping tools through the use of energy healing, and feel more centered and in control of themselves and their negative energies.

Can energy healing help anxiety?

For those who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and frequent anxious thoughts such as worry, overthinking, and self-doubt, the reasons for these feelings may be unknown. Energy healing can help you find a cause for the anxiety and open up the pathways to let the energy flow better.

When it comes to anxiety, energy healing may be beneficial because it rebalances the energy within you, and works to restore communication in your mind and body.

Energy healing can help you to break the pattern of negative thoughts, and worry, by introducing positive energy and balance into your auras. 

What is energy healing good for?

As mentioned before, energy healing can help with physical, mental and emotional pain, and it is good for all types of ailments and discomfort.  

Even those who don’t suffer from diagnosable conditions can benefit from energy healing because it can be a part of your overall health maintenance that results in making you more confident and content. Just as surrounding yourself with positive people and environments can improve your mood, your energy, and your feeling of contentment, energy healing works to harness your own energy around you in order to strengthen your inner connections, and balance your mind and body so that you may project more positivity that surrounds you.

Energy healing even strengthens your immune system, which allows you to fight against and even prevent other illnesses, which also can positively affect digestion. And most of all, it helps you and teaches you to cope with pain, bad situations and illness. So instead of allowing pain and negative energy to affect all aspects of your life, and prevent you from having the life you want, energy healing can give you back your control.

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Can energy healing be taught?

Anyone can learn energy healing, though some people are naturally gifted and come equipped with skills to help channel energy in themselves and others.

For those who wish to learn energy healing, and practice it on others, especially as a professional, it is advisable to get a qualification. There are formal programs such as at the College of Psychic Study in London where those who are dedicated to learning energy healing can be introduced to both the theoretical and practical aspects, learn different methodologies, and how to assess clients' individual needs.

Experts in energy healing hone their skills over many years, so they can provide the most rewarding experiences for their clients. Those who are naturally gifted in energy healing may possess an intuition that allows them to pick up skills quickly, or be able to read and manipulate energy without much practice, though it still takes time in order to properly administer this skills to others.

Energy healing can be taught, and is usually done so by those who have been practicing their craft for years. An energy healer is often able to demonstrate their skills to others, through various methods and hands-on work.

Is energy healing good?

Energy is natural, and it is everywhere around us. Energy is part of creation and therefore is something you can’t create or destroy, but healers actually guide it.

There are positive and negative energies, but energy in and of itself is not inherently bad. The use of energy healers to channel and guide energy can improve the balance of positive and negative energies in the body, making for a more peaceful state of mind and improved wellbeing overall.

Energy healing has nothing to do with religion or witchcraft, and it has no religious or historical aspect. Energy is within all of us, and our environments around us, making it so that no specific spiritualities have any claim over it. While some practices are rooted in ancient cultures, modern energy healing is not affiliated with any of these, and clients of energy healing do not need to subscribe to any particular belief system to feel the effects and benefits of it. 

Is there a healer near me?

Energy healers are everywhere, and in the UK, in particular, there are many healers all around. Even if don’t live in a big city you will have a chance to find a healing practitioner in your area. Part of our mission at Relief from Pain is to encourage knowledge and awareness about healing and the practices available so that people can have access to what is available within their own communities. 

We hope to make energy healing and its benefits accessible by all, especially those who feel they may not have many options when it comes to complementary and alternative medicines. For those who wish to avoid western medicine, or who seek other options, it can feel as though there is not enough available. But all over the UK we wish to provide better engagement with our communities, get more people involved, and ensure energy healers are available to help those who are suffering.

For those who are away from home, unable to travel, or who simply wish a greater level of convenience, energy healing can also be provided in a distance healing session. It can be particularly beneficial for those who have anxieties with strangers, or unfamiliar experiences. 

It is important for information to be available to all those seeking solutions for chronic pain or illness, and patient empowerment is a crucial element of ensuring healers are accessible by all.  

If you live far away from a healer or cannot find one near you, contact us Relief from Pain to find out how you can receive healing.

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