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The Pain Relievers' Interview Series

Pain Relievers Interviews


Over the past several weeks, we've had the privilege of conducting interviews with some remarkable people around the world. Their stories are so inspiring that we wanted to share them with you here as well.


Interview Series Alice Langholt

The Biggest Challenge is that Reiki is Invisible - An Interview With  Alice Langholt 

Alice Langholt is the Director of the Reiki Awakening Academy, creator of Practical Reiki, author of several books on Reiki healing and mindfulness.

She discussed her efforts and some of the great opportunities and challenges that Reiki healing may face while integrating with the medical community.


Holistic Cancer Treatment With  Christine Walker 

Listening to Christine share her journey was a truly wonderful experience and I felt so blessed to sit and talk with her.  It was truly inspiring to hear her passion and love for what she does.


Relieving Pain With the Feldenkrais Method – An Interview With  Ellen O’Farrell 

Ellen O’Farrell holds classes in yoga, dance, chair-based movement classes for the elderly, and teaches the Feldenkrais Method.

Her lifetime interest in movment has brought her from dance and gymnastics in her youth to yoga in the early 1980's. Then, after suffering from chronic back pain, she came across the Feldenkrais Method.


The Pain Relievers Interview Series:  Wendy Fry 

Wendy is based in Surrey, United Kingdom and works locally and via Skype with patients. She is a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapists, and registered with both the International Coaching Institute and The Association of Energy Meridian Therapists.

She assists clients in clearing your limiting beliefs and capturing your true self through a variety of transformational modalities.


The Pain Relievers Interview Series:  Robin Waters Casper 

Robin Waters Casper is a CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner and an author/self-publisher.

"I had received Reiki Energy healing in several of my episodes. Each time it played a big part in learning how to manage symptoms – and in some instances relieve pain. It helped me bring my body, mind and spirit into more balance with much more peace of mind and some increased functionality."

7 values for a personal well-being through healing 



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