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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We get these questions about Healing quite often.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need deeper answers for any questions.

How often do I have to receive Healing?

Healing is a natural and gentle method to help you balance your energy. It is non-intrusive and works in harmony with other treatments you may be receiving. It can be given as often as people wish to receive it. For example 8 out of 10 cancer patients can choose not to use their prescribed anti-nausea medication when receiving a daily healing session of one hour.

I recommend 3 or 5 sessions depending on the needs and requirement of each individual. These 3 to 5 sessions can be received weekly or in shorter intervals. After the initial session we will discuss how best to continue and whether to increase or decrease the time between sessions. 

There is a short evaluation before and after each session between the Healer and the client.


What does a Healing session cost?

Relief from Pain is providing 15 to 20 minute healing session during healing clinics. We recommend a minimum of £15 donation per healing session. People with disabilities or on sick benefits and retired people are welcome to make a donations based on their means.

Healing sessions are £65 to £135 depending on the individual charges set by the Healer.


I am pregnant. Is Healing right for me?

We are happy to work with pregnant women. Healing may help them to relax and relieve some of the aches and pains sometimes experienced during pregnancy. As is required by law they would need to provide written permission from their care team, their doctor, midwife or gynaecologist.

Please do mention that you are pregnant, preferably when you book your appointment.


Do you provide Healing to Children?

Yes, we are happy to work with children and minors. We do require a written and signed agreement from the parent and/or legal guardian. It is strongly recommended for the parent and/or legal guardian to be present in the same room/space where the Healer is working with the child. Children are often more in tune with their intuition and their energy than adults and have a better ability to perceive colours, sounds and other feelings. It is very beautiful to work with them. The youngest child I worked with was only 3 months old.  

When booking an appointment, please let us know if the client will be a child so that we can inform the Healer(s) who will be working with you.


Does Healing work for pets too?

Yes, Healing works brilliantly for pets. Healing works on any type of lifeform actually, people, animals and plants. Animals very often ‘see’ the healing energy from the healer and spontaneously ‘ask’ for healing. When they feel unwell and believe they need healing, they will be sitting in front of your feet, pushing their noses in your hands, making sounds or stroking their bodies against you. They will allow you to give them healing as long as they need it. It is fabulous to work with animals. I have worked with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, bees, chickens, sheep, cows, parrots, even a pet guinea fowl and a blind rhinoceros in Kenya.  

Please let us know if your pet would like to receive healing. This allows us to find a Healer who will be happy to work with you and the animal as well as allowing us to take precautions for any other people who may be suffering from any pet allergies. Thank you very much for your understanding and you co-operation.




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