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How Healers Heal

The Pain Relievers' Healing Methods

There are many different Healing methods. During our work we met many different Healers from all over the world and asked them to reveal how they relieve pain. Their stories are so inspiring that we wanted to share them with you here as well.


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 Gabriel Dayan  and The Transformation Technique®

The Transformation Technique® came about as a result of the demand for a simple, user-friendly, formula-type dynamic meditation technique for the swift and complete eradication of unhealthy emotions ....



 Lucille Henry  and Diamond Healing

The Diamond Process is a healing philosophy and technique that helps the individual redefine their world. The Diamond approach facilitates the maturation of different aspects of the individual personality....

 Paul  McDonald  and Organic Healing

Absolutely all forms of healing have the same underlying purpose.  It is to consciously and energetically manipulate your entire being. Healing by magnifying and amplifying the energetic frequency ....

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