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Ann Boone


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Founder and Trustee

My name is Ann. Founder of the International Charity Relief from Pain, I am Chief Healer and Director of 2ForOne Healing Centres, the first of the 241 Healing Centres established all over the world. Current centres are in Maidenhead near London and near Antwerp (Belgium).

My Healing Accreditation is NHS approved and allows me to work in hospitals, GP practices to complement the care and services from the medical profession. Working with more than a hundred people has led to create H.E.A.L., a personalised 7-step programme specifically developed to deal with the pressures from demanding careers, when you are equally faced with a traumatic experience impacting on your personal life.

I am author of several reports such as ‘7 biggest mistakes when choosing a Healer’, and ‘7 things I learned when being intimate with 50 people’.


Team Members

Ann Boone
Founder and Trustee

Gabriel Dayan
Member of the Board

Paul McDonald
Healing Center Manager

Sandra Francis

Cheryl Pertoni
Heraler, Cacaoista

Tiffany Carter
Pet Healer

Christina Garnett
Social Media

François Benner
Inbound Marketing


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7 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Healer