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Healing Session with Ann Boone


Private Consultations

Receive Healing in private sessions with Healers who have extensive training in their respective fields. 


Distant Healing

Distant healing is a method that channels healing energy into the person seeking help, even though they may be many miles away. The therapeutic effect is the result of channelling universal energy via the healer to the client. The Brockhampton Guide to Spiritual Healing describes contact healing in terms of "transfer of ... healing energy" and distant healing based on visualizing the patient in perfect health. Treatment can occur at distances (sometimes long distances).'


What happens during a Healing Session?

Before the healing session, there will be a short discussion with the Healer on your personal circumstances. 

During healing you can sit on a chair or lie down on a couch. At all times you will remain fully clothed during the session. While each healer may work in a slightly different way, the basic method of healing is the same. Healers may work with your energy field (aura) either with their hands in contact with the body or at a distance.

During the healing session, you may feel a change of temperature, a tingling experience, emotional release or deep relaxation. Some of you may be aware of the energy transfer. On the other hand, you may not feel anything at all.

After the session you will have the opportunity to discuss your experience with the healer and discuss any further treatment you would like to book. At this time, the healer will make brief confidential notes for future reference.


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7 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Healer

7 of the Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Healer

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