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Co-operation is the new competition. Does that even make sense, for healers too?

Ann Boone

Why organisations need to work together? Why does Relief from Pain Charity choose to work with Social Enterprise Journey to the Heart and Soul to create paid jobs for healers. Why is Journey to the Heart and Soul joining Relief from Pain to do clinical research?

In today’s complex environments experts depend on other experts. We cannot know everything about everything anymore as domains become narrower and narrower and knowledge, on the other hand, is more and more extensive. Interdependence is a fact. Never mind the modern technology, co-operation is a must. It is still a basic necessity like air and water if we want to continue to live and survive on our wonderful planet.

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Are the benefits of Healing and CAM therapies real?

Ann Boone

Start of our pilot project to test the benefits of Healing and CAM therapies using breakthrough technologies and advanced clinical research methods: consolidating 10 years of research and networking.

Ideas are cheap, only action and results counts. You have probably heard that before.
What if you have an amazing idea. What if the idea is complex, hugely expensive and encompassing very different areas of expertise. What if it involves bringing together many experts that have not been working together (yet)? What if you have no clue how to proceed, what action do you take? Where do you start?

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Is Healing Magic? Healing is not a Miracle Cure.

Cornel Linders

Healing …
What is it? …
And why does it work so well? …..
And why at the same time is it so unknown in the medical world?

To answer the last question, most doctors dismiss it straight away. Therefore these worlds have never had to opportunity to blend. The average doctor would stop reading after: ‘Healing is an act of God, the Creator.’ ‘Healing is inexplicable.’ 

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Topics: Benefits of Healing, Healthcare System, Medical Research

Working together. Doctors, Healers and Software Developers

Cornel Linders

This new blog’s goal is to inform people about the benefits healing has to offer to patients, the solutions that address the current challenges in our healthcare system. This blog will allow everyone to realise that our project: "RELIEF FROM PAIN" needs to be sponsored as it will help to make the necessary changes. Nothing will happen without our efforts and YOUR support.

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Topics: Benefits of Healing, Healthcare System, Software, Medical Research

Relief from Pain Research

The aim of our research is to deliver proof that the benefits of Healing are real. We use cutting edge technology to analyse medical data and participate in pilot projects in the UK hospitals with Complementary Therapy trials.

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