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Co-operation is the new competition. Does that even make sense, for healers too?

Ann Boone

Why organisations need to work together? Why does Relief from Pain Charity choose to work with Social Enterprise Journey to the Heart and Soul to create paid jobs for healers. Why is Journey to the Heart and Soul joining Relief from Pain to do clinical research?

In today’s complex environments experts depend on other experts. We cannot know everything about everything anymore as domains become narrower and narrower and knowledge, on the other hand, is more and more extensive. Interdependence is a fact. Never mind the modern technology, co-operation is a must. It is still a basic necessity like air and water if we want to continue to live and survive on our wonderful planet.

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New Paradigm in Education

Ann Boone

In ancient China doctors used to get paid to keep people healthy and feeling well. When you got ill, the doctor did not get any money as he wasn’t doing his job properly.

A completely different mindset from most of our current healthcare systems where we try and fix things AFTER our health and wellbeing had been affected. So the educational and healthcare systems are not really geared towards prevention at the moment: we all agree that something needs to change, WE need to change our approach, to find different ways to look after our home, our wonderful blue planet as well as ourselves, our body and the  beautiful conscious mind that connects all of us. 

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Relief from Pain Research

The aim of our research is to deliver proof that the benefits of Healing are real. We use cutting edge technology to analyse medical data and participate in pilot projects in the UK hospitals with Complementary Therapy trials.

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