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New Paradigms in UK Health Care

Ann Boone

Last month, Relief from Pain was invited to attend the Annual Balens’ Forum at the Beauty UK show held at the NEC Birmingham.  Three leading figures in the field of healthcare in the UK gave presentations on the significance of the big data project known as the Hawthorn Natural Health Initiative (HNHI) which was initiated by David Balen, founder of one of the first insurance companies in the world covering natural health (1).

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Topics: Healthcare System, CAM

Reiki and Patient Experience. Highlights from our Interview with Alice Langholt

Ann Boone

"It's so fascinating the way that Reiki can help people, and I have applied it in many different ways. I used to live in Ohio just over two years ago, where I'd spent two years giving Reiki as a volunteer at a big hospital called the Cleveland Clinic, and I was one of several Reiki practitioners that would go and give Reiki to patients on different floors for different reasons and it was really remarkable to see the difference then.


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Topics: Reiki, Healthcare System, CAM

Healthcare Meets Technology. Relief from Pain in Las Vegas

Ann Boone

Relief from Pain specialises in Complementary and Alternative Therapies, (CAM) and will be attend the “Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference 2018” in Las Vegas, a leading event where healthcare meets technology.

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Topics: Healthcare System, Medical Research, CAM

Is Healing Magic? Healing is not a Miracle Cure.

Cornel Linders

Healing …
What is it? …
And why does it work so well? …..
And why at the same time is it so unknown in the medical world?

To answer the last question, most doctors dismiss it straight away. Therefore these worlds have never had to opportunity to blend. The average doctor would stop reading after: ‘Healing is an act of God, the Creator.’ ‘Healing is inexplicable.’ 

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Topics: Benefits of Healing, Healthcare System, Medical Research

Working together. Doctors, Healers and Software Developers

Cornel Linders

This new blog’s goal is to inform people about the benefits healing has to offer to patients, the solutions that address the current challenges in our healthcare system. This blog will allow everyone to realise that our project: "RELIEF FROM PAIN" needs to be sponsored as it will help to make the necessary changes. Nothing will happen without our efforts and YOUR support.

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Topics: Benefits of Healing, Healthcare System, Software, Medical Research

Relief from Pain Research

The aim of our research is to deliver proof that the benefits of Healing are real. We use cutting edge technology to analyse medical data and participate in pilot projects in the UK hospitals with Complementary Therapy trials.

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