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Here you will find useful ebooks, reports, documents and checklists which we publish.
This section is continuously updated.

Fundraising Events Guide

Fundraising Events Guide

Become a Pain Reliever creating an effective fundraising event.
Follow our step-by-step for hosting a fundraising event that generates donations, and goes off without a hitch.

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7 values for a personal well-being through healing

7 Values I Gleaned After Being Intimate With 150 Strangers

Her unique 3-step formula enhances and accelerates your personal well-being through a strategic healing journey.

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7 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Healer

7 biggest mistakes when choosing a healer

Our free 10 page report will help to ask the right questions when choosing a Healer. You will avoid these common mistakes and be able to identify which kind of Healer is right for you.

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First Healing Session Kit

How to prepare for your first Healing Session

Discover how to prepare yourself and your environment for receiving Healing and fully enjoy the benefits. This Kit consists of an eBook and a check list.

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Relief from Pain Charity Manifesto

Relief from Pain: Charity Manifesto

Our 5 main goals and 2020 Vision.
Learn more about our activities and goals.

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Useful Links Directory

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Useful Links Directory

A comprehensive international list with relevant organisations specialising in CAM and checked for accuracy. We hope you’ll find them useful.

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Trust, Assurance and Safety – The Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century

Patients in the United Kingdom can read about the regulations  for health professionals...

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Healing FAQ Report

Healing FAQ 

Learn about Healing - This report provides short answers to the frequently asked questions about Healing and gives you an introduction to the founder of Relief from Pain, Ann Boone.

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Presentation New Paradigm Holistic Health 2017

 New Paradigm in Holistic Health

Presentation "New Paradigm Holistic Health"

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Holistic Therapists Online Directory in UK and Ireland

 Interview with Ann Boone

WOTV-Logo-V2Divine Life Jogini Joanne interviews Ann Boone, Founder of Relief from Pain Charity. Divine Life Yogini broadcasts every week Saturday at 5pm on Women's Broadcast TV. She offers Yogi Secrets and other invaluable information on maintaining health and wellbeing.

Enjoy the interview with Ann on Healing, the benefits of CAM and Healing on your health and how she heals others. We also elaborate further on having centres, places dedicated to health and wellbeing. Here is an exclusive preview of the interview.





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